Kellerberrin Town Dam

In 2015 we won the tender to construct the Kellerberrin town dam, to supply water for the town's gardens, oval and recreation facilities. The construaction required two dams to be built with a common wall, the main dam being 42 megalitres with the second being a 9 megalitre silt trap. We used a 33 ton scraper to remove the majority of the material.

The dam was built on time and in budget and is now full, holding water over one metre above ground level, increasing its holding capacity significantly. We constructed a piped inlet, along with a graded inlet drain, to allow water to flow into the dam without scouring. We also trenched and laid 1.5km of 200mm poly pipe, allowing the water to be pumped from the main dam to a holding dam above the township, allowing the water to be used as needed.

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